Excel Farms represents the visionary partnership of two lifelong friends, Terry Leright and Greg Attwood, whose backgrounds in plant irrigation and health and fitness, respectively, converged to inspire a groundbreaking concept. In the midst of their conversations, they identified a gap in the market for a cultivation facility that isn’t just advanced and efficient but also committed to environmental sustainability without compromising on the quality of cannabis flower produced. This shared vision led to the creation of Excel Farms, aiming to set new standards in the cultivation of premium cannabis while maintaining competitive pricing.


Today our purpose is to be cultivators, concentrating on the one thing we do best: grow high-quality cannabis.


Terry has been a Michigan Medical Caregiver for the last 8 years. He is passionate about his style of growing which involves a fully-automated Deep Water Culture system (Current Culture). 


Implementing this expertise, Greg and Terry have taken the caregiver model and upscaled it to a commercial facility.


Excel Farms is an emerging business specializing in high-quality medical and recreational cannabis. 

We Strive for Continuous Improvement!


Excel’s prominence in the cannabis industry is shaped by our highly skilled team, extensive resources, valuable network connections, and well-defined strategic approaches. Our experts, hailing from both manufacturing and Michigan’s vibrant recreational cannabis cultivation sector and carrying rich experiences dating back to 2014, meticulously orchestrate every facet of our operations.


Leveraging a wealth of industry insights, rigorous ongoing training, and a deep-seated commitment to ethical practices, Excel distinguishes itself with a remarkable competitive edge in the cannabis market.


Excel’s success is built on the foundation of a highly skilled team, expansive resources, extensive industry connections, and meticulously crafted strategic processes. Our team of specialists, drawn from the realms of manufacturing and Michigan’s dynamic recreational cannabis cultivation and service sectors, bring a wealth of experience stretching from 2014 to the present. They are dedicated to carefully planning and executing every detail of our operations.


Armed with deep industry insights, a commitment to ongoing professional development, and a background rooted in humanitarian values, Excel Farms proudly stands at the forefront of the industry. Our unique blend of expertise and ethics positions us with a significant competitive edge, driving our mission to lead and innovate within the cannabis market.



At Excel Farms, we’ve meticulously developed a cutting-edge system that leaves no stone unturned, ensuring robust processes are in place to minimize environmental impact while enhancing productivity. Our innovative Excel growing systems are engineered to surpass traditional soil-based growth rates by 15%, while our optimized lighting systems boast up to 20% more output per watt.


We’ve selectively curated our genetic varieties to not only yield high returns but also to maintain an efficient 8-week cycle in the flowering phase. This strategic selection is key to our ability to provide consistent, high-quality produce at a faster rate.



  • Our facility exclusively uses energy-efficient LED lighting to minimize our environmental footprint.
  • By adopting hydroponic cultivation with water-based nutrient solutions, we eliminate the need for traditional growing mediums, thereby reducing waste.
  • We have selected state-of-the-art hydroponic systems from Current Culture to ensure sustainable and efficient plant growth.
  • We utilize an advanced in-house water treatment system to transform well water into purified reverse osmosis (RO) water, ensuring the highest quality for our hydroponic systems.
  • All water generated from condensation within our facility is reclaimed and reused, demonstrating our dedication to water conservation.
  • Our nutrient solution wastewater undergoes a meticulous reclamation and filtration process before being reused, aligning with our sustainability goals.
  • We employ a Thermal Evaporator for wastewater disposal, enabling us to operate as a zero wastewater discharge facility and significantly reduce our environmental impact.
  • Our facility is equipped with water-cooled air conditioners, complemented by a cooling tower, to achieve unparalleled efficiency in climate control.
  • Our commitment to sustainability extends to our water usage; we do not discharge wastewater into the sewer system.



RDWC is a method of growing in a nutrient rich solution of oxygenated water. The plants and roots grow into this recirculating water system. With RDWC, the growth and yield is better and the quality of product is second to none. 


Our Lighting System

Our lighting system uses Gavita which has been on the forefront of cultivator lighting for years. We use the new Gavita 2400e lights throughout the facility. These lights allow us to push the limits of a cultivar when it comes to light intensity.

Controlled ENvironment

Fully automated and controlled

At Excel Farms, we’re at the forefront of innovation for cannabis cultivation, setting new benchmarks for quality, potency, and aroma within the industry. Our state-of-the-art Cultiva HVAC system is designed around the precise control of the growing environment, a technique that significantly transforms the production of terpene-rich and superior-quality cannabis.

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