Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC)

Excel Farms: Pioneering Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation

Excel Farms has embarked on a journey to redefine the standards of cannabis cultivation. Our mission is clear: to marry sustainability with unmatched efficiency and yield. Through extensive research and innovation, we discovered the key to revolutionizing this industry by taking Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) to the next level. This advanced hydroponic system not only represents our commitment to eco-friendly practices but also sets us apart in the competitive cannabis market.



At Excel Farms, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our cultivation philosophy. RDWC allows us to minimize our environmental footprint dramatically, by recirculating water and nutrients in a closed-loop system, reclaiming and reusing our condensate water.  Reclaiming, refiltering, and reusing our nutrient solution wastewater, we’ve slashed water usage by up to 90% compared to traditional soil cultivation. This approach not only conserves precious resources but also significantly reduces nutrient runoff to zero discharge to ground, protecting the surrounding ecosystem


The system’s direct delivery of oxygenated nutrient solution to the plants’ roots accelerates growth and boosts quality beyond what we imagined possible. This efficiency means we can produce higher quality cannabis, faster, and more reliably. Our plants thrive in the optimized conditions RDWC provides, resulting in robust, healthy crops that our customers love.


One of the most compelling advantages of RDWC at Excel Farms is its operational efficiency. The Hydroponic system’s design simplifies nutrient management and pH balance adjustments, and automatically starts a weekly nutrient solution water change, freeing our team to focus on other aspects of plant care and innovation. This efficiency not only enhances our productivity but also reduces the potential for human error, ensuring a consistently high-quality product.


In the crowded cannabis market, Excel Farms stands out for our commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and quality. RDWC has given us a clear advantage over traditional cultivation methods, which often require more resources and produce inconsistent quality. Our method is not only better for the planet but also for our customers, allowing us to offer superior products at competitive prices.


At Excel Farms, we see RDWC as more than just a cultivation method; it’s a statement about the future of cannabis cultivation. We’re not just growing plants; we’re nurturing a sustainable future for our industry. Our vision is to inspire others to adopt eco-friendly practices, elevating the standards of cannabis cultivation statewide.

As we look ahead, Excel Farms is excited to continue leading the way in sustainable cannabis cultivation. Our journey with RDWC is just beginning, and we’re committed to exploring new innovations that align with our mission. Join us in embracing a greener, more sustainable future for cannabis cultivation.

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